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Identifying Gifted Children

Identifying Gifted Children

Identifying Gifted Children

How can you tell if a child is gifted? There are two main ways to determine whether a child is gifted: observing characteristics and behaviors, and testing. No one definition of giftedness exists, and gifted children are often misdiagnosed with disorders like ADHD. The resources here will help you learn how to identify gifted children. You'll find traits of gifted children, including emotional sensitivity, as well as the different definitions of "gifted." You'll also find information on testing gifted children



Gifted children are often recognized by their distinctive traits and behaviors. From their excellent memories to their emotional sensitivity to their "rage" to learn to their ability to learn quickly, gifted children stand out from other children. Knowing and understanding these traits is the first step in recognizing these children.

Development and Developmental Milestones

All children develop in much the same way, but for gifted children, there are some differences. For one thing, gifted children tend to reach developmental milestones early. For another, while other children develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively at roughly the same pace, gifted children's development is uneven, or asynchronous.

Issues in Identification

Identifying gifted children is not always easy. Some people believe that there is no such thing as a gifted children, while others believe all children are gifted. Experts, of course, believe that only a certain percentage of the population is gifted, but don't agree on how to identify them or even on what a gifted child is.


To test or not to test? That is a question many parents ask about their potentially gifted child. It is not always necessary for a child to be tested, but when it is, you need to know what kinds of testing should be done. You should also know who should do the testing as well as what the results of the tests mean.


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